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  • Brand : Amoena (remove)
  • Category : Breast Forms - Adhesive (remove)
  • Product : Amoena Contact 384 1S Breast Form with Comfort Plus
Amoena Contact 384 1S Breast Form with Comfort Plus
Amoena Contact 384 1S Breast Form with Comfort Plus [AM384]
Form Size:

Amoena Contact 384 1S is a mastectomy form with Comfort+ adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body. This form fits a SHALLOW cup.


Contact Form Benefits:

  • Stays in place with every movement
  • Relieves pressure on the shoulders - especially important for women with lymphedema or a larger bust
  • Easy wear and care
  • Provides more freedom in clothing choices like low cut-dresses
  • Gives a woman more security and self-confidence


Look and feel natural with soft silicone front layer and new super-soft outer film that feels like cashmere. Stay at a constant, comfortable body temperature longer with new Comfort+. The pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form. Enjoy the attachable confidence of the Pearl adhesive combined with Comfort+ technology—you’ll feel an even more secure adhesion.


Available in Sizes 1 to 14.





Fitter's Note: Skin that has recently undergone surgery and radiation therapy is extremely sensitive. Therefore, we recommend self-adhesive breast forms only after follow-up treatment once skin has completely healed.




Comfort+ breast forms offer a more gradual change in temperature allowing you to stay fresh and comfortable all day. In the photographs below both the breast forms were exposed to extended and intense heating.


  • The starting temperature was 20°C (see fig. 1).
  • As the tempearture increases in the heated environment, the Comfort+ breast froms stays visibly cooler longer and therefore more comfortable for the wearer (see fig. 2).
  • The Comfort+ breast form maintains a more even and comfortable temperature (see fig. 3).
  • After the extended heating period is complete both breast forms finally reach the same temperature (see fig. 4).
  • As the natural cooling process begins, and the Comfort+ breast form maintains a more gradual decrease in temperature (see fig. 5).
  • Once the environment is ventilated the Comfort+ breast form holds the warmth longer for a more subtle transition so you don't notice your breast form (see fig. 6)


Amoena Comfort Plus 


Warehouse:  Stoney Creek, ON
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Ships To Countries:  Canada & US
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 February, 2013.
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