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Amoena Contact 383 2A Breast Form with Comfort Plus
Amoena Contact 383 2A is a mastectomy form with Comfort+ adh…
Amoena Contact 383 2A is a mastectomy form with Comfort+ adheres directly to the skin and moves with the body. This form fits a SHALLOW cup in an asymmetrical shape.   Contact Form Benefits: Stays in place with every movement Relieves pressure on the shoulders - especially important for women with lymphedema or a larger bust Easy wear and care Provides more freedom in clothing choices like low cut-dresses Gives a woman more security and self-confidence   Look and feel natural with soft silicone front layer and new super-soft outer film that feels like cashmere. Stay at a constant, comfortable body temperature longer with new Comfort+. The pearlescent temperature-equalizing layer absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form. Enjoy the attachable confidence of the Pearl adhesive combined with Comfort+ technology—you’ll feel an even more secure adhesion.   Available in Sizes 1 to 14 Left or Right Side.     
Fitter's Note: Skin that has recently undergone surgery and radiation therapy is extremely sensitive. Therefore, we recommend self-adhesive breast forms only after follow-up treatment once skin has completely healed.   NOTES ON COMFORT+:   Comfort+ breast forms offer a more gradual change in temperature allowing you to stay fresh and comfortable all day. In the photographs below both the breast forms were exposed to extended and intense heating.   The starting temperature was 20°C (see fig. 1). As the tempearture increases in the heated environment, the Comfort+ breast froms stays visibly cooler longer and therefore more comfortable for the wearer (see fig. 2). The Comfort+ breast form maintains a more even and comfortable temperature (see fig. 3). After the extended heating period is complete both breast forms finally reach the same temperature (see fig. 4). As the natural cooling process begins, and the Comfort+ breast form maintains a more gradual decrease in temperature (see fig. 5). Once the environment is ventilated the Comfort+ breast form holds the warmth longer for a more subtle transition so you don't notice your breast form (see fig. 6)      
Nearly Me 370 Standard Triangle Breast Form
Nearly Me 375 is a extra lightweight triangle with flowabl…
Nearly Me 375 is a extra lightweight triangle with flowable back silicone breast form. Extra lightweight silicone breast forms are 35% lighter in weight than standard silicone. These forms were developed as an even lighter weight alternative to standard silicone.   Available in:   Sizes: 1 through 14
Shades: beige and soft sable (Soft Sable is a special order item -Contact us for pricing/availability)
Shape: Standard Triangle
Profile: Semi Full with Lower Nipple Apex  
Features include:   · Flowable gel fills in an uneven chest wall · Symmetrical to fit either side of the body · Can be turned in variety of directions for best fit · 30% lighter in weight overall than standard gel forms · Matches an average more mature natural breast · Taller upper wing, wider base · Shallower profile · Comfort Cover included · 2-year manufacturer's warranty · Made in U.S.A.
Nearly Me 42-000 Camisole Puffs (fits Nearly Me 520 Camisole)
Nearly Me 42-000 fiber filled camisole puffs are designed to…
Nearly Me 42-000 fiber filled camisole puffs are designed to be used immediately after breast surgery along with the Nearly Me 520 After Surgery Camisole. The cotton and lycra fabric provides a gentle hug to hold drainage tubes and adjustable puffs fit well in your camisole. Velcro attachable fiberfill puffs stay in place securely.   Material: Cotton/lycra.   Made in the U.S.A. Available in Sizes 1-6    
Nearly Me 610 White Wide Band Soft Cup Mastectomy Bra
Nearly Me 610 is a soft form wide band bra with inside pocke…
Nearly Me 610 is a soft form wide band bra with inside pockets designed to fit breast forms with nylon Nylon fabric, Horizontal Seam, Pretty Lace on upper cup, Cotton Pocket, Full-Coverage, No Underwire. Back closure has 5 hooks on all sizes.   Sizes: A – 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 B – 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 C – 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 D – 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 DD - 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 Shades: White only.   Features include: Fits like all NEARLY ME® Soft Cup mastectomy bras Wide elastic band helps support larger bust Also great for bilateral surgery to help anchor bra and forms next to the body Cotton pocket helps keep forms secure and comfortable Firm elastic straps reduce cup bounce Back strap adjustment No underwire
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